Workplace Relationships – When Tim met Sally

17th July 2019

Tim Bailey

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Tim reflects on the moment he met Sally, and how he came to join Groop’s mission.

Sally (CEO & Founder of Groop) and I have a huge passion for sports.

My love for sport stretches back as far as primary school, where I lived and breathed all sport. I played (or tried to at least) every type of sport possible.

I have been playing badminton for over 6 years now at my local badminton club in Corsham. I remember the first day that Sally rocked up to our club and thought to myself, “right, let’s put her through her paces and see what she is made of. Can she handle ‘Big Smash Bailey’?” A nickname given to me as many have said that my smash sounds like a shotgun going off!


At this point I didn’t know much about Sally or her sporting background… turns out that she was able to hold her own, and more!

For someone who had previous racket sports experience but not much experience in/on a badminton court, she did very well. Sally is now a valued player and member of the Corsham Badminton Club.

Since Sally joined Corsham, we have both been involved in badminton socials, club nights, matches, tournaments and special events. This can either be on the same team or against each other – always providing some friendly rivalry and some good ‘blagging rights’ at work.


This brings me to the last six months. At the end of 2018, during a tournament we were both involved in, we started talking about work and the changes that were happening at Sally’s organisation, Groop. We discussed a potential opportunity that might suit me.

After meeting the fantastic team that she had around her and getting through some scary interviews, I was invited to join Groop.

Starting at Groop

I was definitely a bit nervous at first as I have my ‘out of work badminton relationship’ with Sally, and I wondered whether working with her would affect this.

Answer; not at all.

In fact, as I had built up a strong relationship with Sally outside of work, it really helped with my integration in to the team. I am comfortable talking to her and asking for help if I need it. This has made a real difference.

My role as Sales Solution Consultant means that I spend a great deal of time with Sally and the sales and development teams; either on the road going to meetings and demonstrating the Groop platform, or in the office planning presentations and meetings with potential clients.

We have a professional relationship in the working environment, but we can then switch to the competitive friendship we have on court – battling it out together or against each other!

There are not many people that can get away with smashing a shuttle cock at their boss of speeds of around 150kph!

What I’ve come to learn about Sally on and off the court

Sally & Tim Groop

Sally has a caring personality. I think I speak on behalf of everyone at Groop when I say that Sally is like a proud lioness with her cubs – building Groop, nurturing her employees and making an impact on the communities around the country and beyond.

Working for an organisation with an incredible ethos, a social purpose and a great boss is one of the most positive, personal and meaningful experiences that life can offer.

The relationship that I have with Sally is special. We can sit and have a serious work conversation. But also, when needed, we can have a good laugh – making work an enjoyable, fun, professional and productive environment.

This blog was written by:

Tim Bailey - Business Manager in Sport & Volunteering Groop