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Groop means Administrife* is a thing of the past

Groop is the software you need to ensure your community is compliant, safeguarded and connected.

Harness the power of your people, ensuring they have what they need, when they need it so they can be efficient, informed and effective in everything they do.

*Administrife – the pain caused by administration. 


People Laptop

People are at the heart of everything you achieve. With CRM functionality, store your contacts, members, volunteers etc. in an easy to use address book database. 

You can customise, organise, filter, search, sort, report, export and archive your people. 


Record, find, filter and sort by any recorded data


Make Groop work for you - add specific fields to record the data that matters in a consistent format


Export what you need, when you need it - download all data or use our enhanced filtering to analyse your impact

People Laptop


GroopChat Laptop

“Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.” Rollo May

At Groop we are all about community engagement, we have built a suite of functionality to keep your community connected, informed and able to bring some superhero action anytime.

GroopChat Laptop


Keep your people informed, connected


Share internal information and supporting documents across your network - safely and securely


GroopLive and GroopChat give you instant access to messaging within your Groop and setting up video calls, events and conferences


Events Laptop

We are an events organisation, bringing the tools you need to plan and deliver a first class event everytime. Your event may be a weekly activity or it may be an annual event – whatever the scale, we supply the framework to bring about a successful and engaged event everytime.  


Groop functionality - invite, engage, communicate and have it all recorded in one place


Report on your event, who came, what they got out of it and their feedback


Report on your event, did your invitees RSVP? Did they show up on the night?

Events Laptop


Network Laptop

Groop is designed with a network structure, enabling organisations to support and manage in a quality assured, safe and secure environment. This is your network, set up in your way – with a unique overview of everything that goes on. 

Network Laptop


Share important documentation, access Groop’s quality assured library of guidance and templates


Report on anything and everything that you decide to record. It's your data - use it to fit with your reporting needs


Share, work and plan together. Success

And . . .

You have access to all of Groop, there are so many brilliant features and useful functionality that we cannot list them all, so in addition to the above features we have highlighted some of the best ones below…


Invoicing and Donations with online payments


GroopLive keeps you and your community connected with secure video conferencing


Store and share your internal information and supporting documents


A scalable platform enabling safe and clearly defined methods of communication among various components


A quality assured resource base with up-to-date guidance, forms, templates and policies to help you achieve your governance and safeguarding standards

Open data

When you create an event, publish it as open data to increase the reach of your community