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Connect, organise and communicate online using our community management platform.

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Why Groop?

Changing lives, providing opportunities and enabling social connection.

Groop is empowering communities online through its full suite of intuitive and time saving community management tools.

The Groop platform provides the infrastructure to connect people, support community growth and build a legacy that we can pass on to future generations.

We can connect everyone, everywhere!


Efficient Management

Our management and communication tools enable you and your colleagues to connect, organise and communicate.


24/7 Access

Everyone in your Groop has 24/7 access to the community. FAQ support is available at all times.


Saving Time

You can save time on administrative tasks and focus on growing your community.


Securing Data

There’s no need to fear the legalities of running a Groop. All data is secure and we provide a Quality Assured library of resources.


Trusted Platform

The team behind Groop are knowledgeable and experienced in community building.


Community Feel

Joining Groop not only means you gain your own Groop, but you join our community too.

Groups we’ve Grooped

People who love Groop

Royal Volunteer

It’s most impressive that the end result is what we wanted it to be. We now offer a system for our coordinators that ticks all the boxes!”

Rebecca Kennelly | Royal Voluntary Service


We’ve been able to provide our board of trustees with a breakdown of service users by postcode, gender and age groups. We’re also using the software to capture our wider network of stakeholders: from funders, VIP’s, marketing contacts to local trades people that we use for premises maintenance.”

Annalisa Solla | GL11 Community Hub


Using Groop enables us to share our club information across all staff members. It is all in one place and reduces the time and energy previously spent on keeping everyone informed. It is user friendly and easy to navigate.

Sue Hubble | Wix Youth Club, Essex County Council

Ballycastle Tennis

It’s very flexible; I can add on fundamental elements and I’m impressed with how I can use the functionality (such as Groups and Tags) to manage the membership data in a way that suits our needs.”

Niki Heverin | Ballycastle Tennis Club


Groop has enabled us to have all our files in one place, password-protected and accessible from anywhere. We can track our attendances, our staff handovers are easier, and all our historic records are safely kept, this means we no longer need to dig through piles of paperwork to reference to, we can search for it and it’s there.”

Adam Baker | Nottingham Rainbow Project

Space Youth

The system is great and getting better, it’s fantastic that we’ve been able to work directly with Groop to develop and grow the platform. Everything’s in one place and it’s accessible wherever we are, we use it on our phones and iPads and login to computers at various venues.”

Sarah Grayer | Space Youth Project

Thursday Football

Using Groop means our Thursday football runs smoothly. Recently our key organiser was injured and has been unable to play, but because Groop records all our members, it allows us to communicate with our members for their availability and record their subs.”

John Clark | Thursday Footie

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