RunAClub is now Groop: New Brand. New Features. Same Values.

23rd January 2019


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Today we have unveiled our exciting new brand

RunAClub is now officially Groop!

Why the name change? ‘Groop’ better reflects our offer to customers as we move into 2019. It represents a key turning point in our evolution as we broaden the offering to our customers.

Groop’s Mission

To strengthen, secure and connect groups for a greater society by supporting staff and volunteers in any group and for any project. We’re going further than club management. This is about building strong communities using our technology.

With responsive customer support, quality assurance and data safeguarding for everyone in your Groop, you are protected and connected.

By easing group, club, team or project stress, you can focus on what’s important – making a difference in your community.

Groop’s new features are available right now!

After listening to our customers and applying their feedback, we developed Groop. Our platform allows ANY group of people to collaborate, to volunteer and to easily manage their club, project or event.

  • Unified Groop Management – You can keep your clubs, groups and teams sustainable. It’s easy to manage multiple groups on Groop.
  • Instant Groop Reporting – Gain real-time, analytical insights into your Groop and its members.
  • Secure Data Storage – All documents and personal details are stored safely in our UK sovereign cloud storage.
  • Quality Control Documentation – You will have a library of downloadable Quality Assured forms and policies.
  • Groop Communications – This new feature allows every member to take part and be counted through their Groop’s chat.
  • Payment Management – Groop admins can create, send and manage invoices whilst their members can pay their fees at the click of a button.
  • And more – You can view all of our features on our website.

Why has RunAClub changed?

After securing a significant investment from a well respected UK investor, it has enabled us to move forward with our new and improved platform.

RunAClub was created to be a digital club management platform for individuals and clubs. Although it successfully simplified many clubs’ management and administration, RunAClub Founder & CEO, Sally Higham, saw the potential for more:

“At the same time as we developed a deep understanding of how club volunteers and staff need to support their organisations and each other, the social use of technology has ramped up. This has meant that traditional methods of supporting volunteering are experiencing change and that volunteers are becoming increasingly open to using technology as a means of managing their groups. At the same time, the participants of the groups are also demanding greater communication and the ability to find out what’s on and where, instantly. They also want to be able to quickly pay for their activities. The demand for RunAClub’s services has grown hugely over the last 12 months and we are now, very excitingly, in a position to meet that demand with our major new developments.”

What does the change mean for your club on RunAClub?

Your club, group or network will remain the same. We have a new brand and cool new features, but we hold the same values. And most importantly, we’re the same team.

Once your club is transformed into a Groop, all you need to do is explore Groop and familiarise yourself with its new capabilities.

Your login details will remain the same too, so don’t worry about having to re-add or create new passwords.

If you need any guidance on how to use your new features, you can contact us.

Why not start your own Groop today?

Getting started is simple. You just need a fantastic group of people and our platform to be safe, connected and compliant. Groop your group today by requesting your free trial.

If you have any queries, please contact us via our contact page or via email at