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Our platform’s features help you to manage every aspect of your Groop, ensuring your community is compliant, safeguarded and connected.

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The all-in-one community management platform


GroopLive keeps you and your community connected with secure video conferencing.  For more information click here.

Registration Links

Create and share links for people to join your Groop from outside your network. For more information click here.

Secure Data

Secure data

All documents and personal data is stored safely in our UK sovereign cloud storage. We’re dedicated to spreading community spirit, not data.


GDPR and data safeguarding

Adhere to best GDPR practice with user permissions and 2 step user-authentication.



A quality assured resource base with up-to-date guidance, forms, templates and policies to help you achieve your governance and safeguarding standards.

Groop Cloud


Share your internal information & supporting documents across your organisational structure – with your participants, user groups, volunteers, staff and network.

Groop Pay


Manage your subscriptions, online invoicing and payments.

Groop Chat


Communicate with participants, user groups, volunteers, staff and network – chat, share, ‘like’, connect.



Record and manage all your data from your activities, participants, user groups to your volunteers, staff and networks – in one secure platform.



Label, monitor, evaluate and plan using analytical insights, outputs and outcomes and trend reporting.

Evidence Your Impact

Evidence your impact

Keep your funders informed, evidence outcomes and demonstrate return on investment (ROI).

Accessible Anywhere

Accessible anywhere

Securely access Groop anytime from your mobile, tablet or desktop, making it easy to run your organisation anytime, anywhere.



Groop is designed with an infinite hierarchal structure to enable management and communication across national, regional, local structures and networks – and for individual groups.


API (Application Programming Interface)

A scalable platform enabling safe and clearly defined methods of communication among various components, delivering the potential to fully interact with your data and build an even more connected network.

More coming soon

At Groop, we’re committed to bringing you new features as soon as we can to enhance your Groop.

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