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Our platform’s features help you to manage every aspect of your Groop, ensuring your community is compliant, safeguarded and connected.

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The all-in-one community management platform

Groop saves time

Secure data storage

All documents and personal details are stored safely in our UK sovereign cloud storage. Your private data stays private.

The Community Feel of Groop

Quality control documentation

We provide each Groop with a library of Quality Assured forms and policies and governance resources, all of which are downloadable.

Instant Groop Reporting

Groop reporting

Gain real-time, analytical insights into your Groop and its members to measure your impact.

Groop admin management

Members area

Our members area centralises the communication of a Groop.

Groop admin management

Payment management

Groops can create and send invoices, notifying members who can seamlessly view their invoice and pay online.

Groop admin management

Subscription management

Groop’s modern architecture ensures that subscription management is integrated on the software. Allowing you to easily keep track of subscriptions.

Groop saves time

Groop communications

Every member has the power to take part and be counted through communicating on their Groop’s chat.

Securing data with Groop

Trend reports

Output and outcome reporting, session reports, attendance figures & trends, member engagement, safeguarding reports, and more!

24-7 access to the Groop platform

Unlimited users

You will have unlimited logins to share the load across your team.

Groop saves time

Multiple Groop management

Keep your team, club, group or community sustainable. It’s easy to manage multiple Groops.

The Community Feel of Groop

Member invitation

Groop admins can invite members, who can communicate on their Groop’s chat.

Securing data with Groop

Convenient data access

You can store, manage and access Groop details anytime, anywhere. Monitor, evaluate and plan with ease.

More coming soon

At Groop, we’re committed to bringing you new features as soon as we can to enhance your Groop.

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