Welcome to Birmingham Association of Youth Clubs

28th March 2014

Sally Higham

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Welcome to Birmingham Association of Youth Clubs – looking forward to welcoming their clubs on board!

I was reflecting on the flexible nature of our work at Groop.  All of the team have commitments to their families in some way – children, brothers and parents.  We are proud of building this flexible culture and make good use of technology to do so.

Groop and many other small organisations – both public and private sector – encourage our teams to work around our outside lives. Family are important and although business deadlines are critical to ensure we can support our families, it’s an amazing change in the way we work these days.  For all the criticism we aim at technology – taking children away from the kitchen table, not enough exercise etc etc, it also enables us to manage our lives differently.

Yes it’s not ideal to be texting and emailing at midnight (guilty as charged) but it does mean I rarely miss an important school event in my daughter’s life.  Alex – our Head of Comms – juggles her work around 4 young children and Dan and Barrie dive off for the school run when they can.

Viva la technology!!

Oh and by the way – Our PM David Cameron has been discussing us with the Civic Minister (Nick Hurd) and we are to have a meeting with Mr Hurds’ team before too long – hurrah and thank you Lord MacLaurin!