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15th September 2017


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It doesn’t matter what project we are on – whether we are in a large public sector team, a school, a voluntary group, a start up or a Board member, as Leaders we can never take our foot off the pedal. That doesn’t mean we musn’t rest or relax or inject calm and thoughtfulness, because that is equally crucial and for another discussion – but we cannot let up and not continue to drive our team, our project or task in hand.

This particularly applies to the main driver. There simply isn’t time to stop and re-fuel for too long in the current economic and technological climate. The Leader – whoever you are, must hold the project vision at all times – ensuring your vision, and steps to achieve that vision, are imprinted on your brain and you are constantly pushing the team to achieve their deadlines, whilst delivering to the best of your ability. The Leader can’t let it slide, feel unable to bother or be lazy; that holistic focus must remain integral to your daily life in order to achieve the result you set out for.

Sounds impossible? Not really. Not if you really believe in your end goal. Tomas Edison is quoted as saying ‘be courageous! Have faith! Go forward!

My personal lifelong mantra has always been ‘Nothing ventured, nothing gained’ which applies to most of what I do.

The key is to know when that path – your project – needs to pivot whilst holding that end game in your head. Perhaps you need to change direction, bring more people in, change technology, take external advice or move to new systems or processes. All of these – along with the rest and relaxation – are possible, but just keep your foot on the pedal and your vision in sight.


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