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Introducing InvestMyCommunity


InvestMyCommunity, the UK’s dedicated fundraising platform for all community organisations. We enable schools, places of worship, charities, sport clubs and local businesses to harness the power of crowdfunding from their own community and beyond.

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How it Works

Collecting donations through InvestMyCommunity for your organisation is easy and your fundraising campaign could be up and running in no time at all.

Choose whether to crowdfund a project or launch a Regular Giving campaign to collect monthly donations.

Each organisation benefits from a dedicated campaign page where you can tell everyone what you are raising money for. As the donations come in from your community, you can easily keep track of your campaign’s progress.

If you crowdfund a project then we transfer all funds directly to your bank account when your campaign is fully pledged. Regular donations are transferred to you each month. We even collect Gift Aid on your behalf which could boost the value of donations by 25%.

It is completely free to launch your campaign. Unlike other fundraising platforms there are no subscription fees and there is no charge to your community to donate. The marketing fee for our exclusive Premium Service is just 5% plus the payment processing fee. The marketing fee for our Basic Service is a competitive 3% of funds raised, plus a 1.5% payment processing fee.

InvestMyCommunity is a great way to bring your community together to deliver your organisation’s fundraising goals and make that positive social impact. Start your campaign now.

A Unique Premium Service

InvestMyCommunity’s unique Premium Service recognises that it requires expertise and a major commitment in effort to successfully raise funds – even for many charities.

Our professional team provides support and advice throughout your campaign. We help create the campaign content and a suite of communications across email, social media and even a press release. We then manage the delivery of those communications following a structure that is proven to maximise success.

No other fundraising platform in the UK provides this support for experienced fundraisers with the resource and expertise in-house, then our Basic Service provides all the tools to successfully run your own campaign.

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Your organisations crowdfunding campaign can be up and running in less than 24 hours. By raising money with you get a fully flexible funding solution:

  • Crowdfund a project – choose the amount and timeframe
  • Choose a Regular Giving campaign for ongoing incremental revenue
  • Choose our unique Premium Service or Basic for experienced fundraisers
  • Contact us for information on loans and equity fundraising options
Crowdfunding for organisations – the innovative means of raising money for organisation development projects

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