We’re not Microsoft

6th April 2021

Sally Higham

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We’re not Microsoft, or Apple, or Zoom or Facebook.

I have had a lot of conversations recently with other leaders who run any type of tech business or social enterprise and all are feeling a common theme – the expectations of customers for software to run just like any of the major big brands.

How do we manage our client’s expectations? We offer a really close partnership where our clients know our team’s names, can contact them quickly and easily and get a speedy response from someone who understands what they are doing. On the other hand, when I try and contact any of the big brands or utility companies, I set out feeling immediately stressed as I spend hours fruitlessly searching for contact details for a problem, am put on hold for ages, only to be cut off after I have waited for 45 minutes. Those feelings of stress grow even more when I search around online for some help, only to be rebuffed and confused by multiple people who simply don’t understand my question and cut me off before I have managed to explain it clearly.

The only exception to this has been Wessex Water – my experience with them has been the sort of experience we deliver as a small social business, responding quickly and helpfully and feeling that they have real people who want to help. That’s what Groop are – real people, with real lives and families, with real experience of volunteering, with a real desire to help our customers solve their problems. It’s not about how many billions we have spent on the software – because none of us outside of those mega brands can do that – it’s about the value we can bring by saving you time and money, lowering your stress levels and helping you deliver your targets and helping your communities.

We can listen, communicate, fix and deliver a great solution to your needs to connect and communicate and track your programmes around your community projects.

We are a real team.