Welcome to Bedford Borough Council

11th January 2013


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Welcome to 2014 and welcome to Bedford Borough Council.

We have a plethora of meetings this month and I know that the looming end of financial year for most of our clients, is currently encouraging some prompt decision making from prospective buyers!

Recently we went for a rather ambitious funding bid and didn’t get it – whilst disappointing it was interesting to hear some feedback from the funder who’s opinion I valued. They said what we had was brilliant (we know that!) and that scaling up seemed to them to be a case of ‘more of the same’ with some tweaks. I took their point. I think when you are running a growing organisation, taking risks and putting yourself on the line it’s always helpful to hear someone telling you it straight – ‘ditch the ambitious stuff and continue with the strategy that works!’.

I certainly don’t think I know it all – I have several Advisors or Mentors and I value, and frequently act on, their advice. Yesterday I was participating in the Sheffield Start Up Journeys for Social Good Study and it was interesting to hear that the interviewer seemed certain we would be successful as we combined that social drive with a business focus. I never feel so certain, but I think that’s what drives me. Nothing is ever good enough…I bet you feel a tiny bit sorry for my team now don’t you?

But I think it’s an essential part of being a leader – never being satisfied. If you are a leader in your organisation, are you satisfied? Is it good enough? I’d be interested to hear your views.