18th August 2015

Sally Higham

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When I founded Groop I was a little worried that we might be too early to bring technology to the third, public and community sectors (remember it was 3 years ago when we started). Then for a while I thought we were too late!

Now, I think we timed it perfectly.  I think, judging by the response, interest and take up of the service that Groop provide via a very knowledgeable, dedicated and responsive team, our timing couldn’t have been better.  And our structure has meant we are able to be flexible, responsive to technological and customer requirements and can provide an increasingly simple but clever system that is becoming more and more valuable to our customers.

This is a massive thank you to everyone that works with us – the team are very grateful for the continued support from excellent Advisors, volunteers, customers, partners, funders who have unwaveringly committed themselves to Groop over the years.

Thank you; without this we would not currently be supporting 6,000 sessions for clubs who support 7,500 members and almost 1,000 volunteers/staff. This number is growing daily as those umbrella bodies who signed up way before they start the service (to allow for their preparation time for the change management process that is inevitable when bringing on a tech system) begin to bring their clubs on board.  At the same time, our support for UK Youth continues to grow and more and more of their 5,500 groups begin to use their bespoke system, The Knowledge, powered by Groop.