The UK Dodgeball Association

14th October 2014

Sally Higham

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This week we are welcoming another up and coming sports body on board – The UK Dodgeball Association – do take a look at them Perhaps you might like to try them out?

Whilst we’re on the subject of sport; I have a bit of a thing about encouraging young girls, teenagers and women into sport, whatever their ability or motivation.  I have frequently found that children’s sport can be very boy orientated and doesn’t necessarily incorporate the way girls approach that sport (I’m not including those ambitious girl players who are keen to focus on reaching the top and should rightly be encouraged – I’m talking about those girls who wants to take part and enjoy that activity).

Just this week I challenged a tennis group my daughter belongs to which is very boy heavy – the style of sessions are entirely focused on the boys, with all male coaches and a totally competitive element to it (it’s advertised as a mixed group).  Now, the 3 girls (aged 10/11) playing are in fact all sporty girls, and they enjoy not just the game but also the chance to catch up with each other – however they are not enjoying this particular current style of coaching.

The coach told me ‘this is the way we do it.  We don’t have enough girls to change that system’.  He seemed surprised when I suggested that perhaps they could find ways of encouraging the girls to join in, and find a system to match their needs – rather than ‘one system fits all’.  I am really aware that this entails a little more thought and organisation, but c’est la vie!

I would really like to hear about positive approaches to girls, teenagers and women in sport that you are aware of.  I feel sure I will be getting lots of comments back on this post…