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14th February 2014

Sally Higham

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I have been contemplating social enterprises and the age of social entrepreneurs this week.  I have read some interesting snippets and articles discussing the need for support for young people and social enterprise and it’s certainly a huge shift in our culture to be encouraging young people to not only run their own businesses, but to run social businesses.  The thing is, does it matter what age you are? Do you think there’s a peak age to become aware of our surroundings and society and think about how we could impact on them? Does being a social entrepreneur require specific skills and energy you can only maintain when you are young? Or must you be middle aged or older to have the depth of experience that attracts funders and sales and therefore loyal clients and partners?

Or is it all down to personality, regardless of your age –  perhaps drive, determination and creativity.

I don’t think it’s prescriptive, but I am interested in your views – does age matter in social enterprise?

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