Meet the Team: Simon Lowe, Full Stack Developer

31st July 2020

Catherine Capsey

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What’s your role at Groop?

I am a Full Stack Developer. I help maintain and develop the product and plan any new functionality.

What does a typical day look like?

We have a team stand up meeting first thing. This is where we plan the days objectives and discuss any problems. After that I usually get on with building new functionality on the web app or mobile app.

What’s your background?

I studied motorsport engineering at college but soon after completing this I found my interest lay in programming. I started off my journey as a web developer working on some really unique websites but quickly developed a passion for building and developing complex apps and API’s which is what I have focused on ever since.

What skills do you need for your job?

Most importantly problem solving. It also helps to be good at technical communication, this is particularly important when writing code that is easy to understand by the the rest of the Development Team but also is valuable when translating technical objectives to non technical team members.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I enjoy being tasked with complex problems and coming up with simple and hopefully elegant solutions to them.

How do you spend your spare time? 

In my spare time I like to box. I enjoy the discipline of the training and it is a good way to let off some steam.

Any recommendations to share?

I’m really enjoying a band called Khruangbin at them moment. Little bit different, and good to have on in the background while working.