May 2020 Updates

26th May 2020

Rob Summerfield

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Updates Deployed –


Custom Fields

  • Added an “Are you sure?” popup when deleting a custom field to prevent accidental data loss
  • Fixed an issue where the a File Upload Custom Field would not display correctly for some users


  • Added the ability for administrators to see which users have been invited onto the system and when
  • Fixed an issue where the “Groop People” count on the Dashboard incorrectly counted archived people


  • Updated instructions when creating an Event to make it clear than payments are not mandatory
  • Fixed an issue where the “Planned By” and “Evaluated By” fields did not display correctly in the Events table


Mobile App

  • iOS Mobile App now badges the app icon with a count of notifications


  • Custom fields and custom field groups are now sorted alphabetically


My Events

  • My Events now displays events you have been invited to in date order
  • Events are also separated in to Upcoming Events and Past Events
  • Fixed an issue where when RSVP selection could result in an Unauthorised error message
  • Fixed an issue where filtering by RSVP  could give mixed results


  • Fixed an issue where emails sent through Groop would not be received by the sender