I love change!

17th March 2014

Sally Higham

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I love ‘Change’! There, I’ve said it out loud. To be more specific it’s positive change that I like so much. Where there is potential for growth, in an organisation and in the team within it I think it’s an opportunity for everyone to ensure we continue to develop ourselves and our organisations. Of course, sometimes that change can include shrinkage in an organisation or a team, and that has been exceptionally hard for the Public and Third Sector. It’s very tough for individuals with families to look after, to re-invent themselves and it’s not always a positive outcome for them.

However, for social purpose organisations, there certainly seems to be a chance to show that we can operate public services in a more efficient way. There is a need to support these new styles at the start, but eventually, if they become self-sufficient that can only be a good thing and will hopefully encourage future generations of social entrepreneurs.

Groop is evolving as we consider providing our platform at a national level within some interesting partnerships, and it means reviewing our strategic mission to ensure we become the ‘go to’ platform for supporting organisations who support multiple clubs in our society.

If you are thinking of starting a social enterprise or similar, and want a bit of friendly advice, please do ask, after all we have started a social purpose organisation in the middle of a recession and are continually growing!

Still no reply from Mr Hurd and the Civil Society yet…