December 2020 Updates

23rd December 2020

Rob Summerfield

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Updates Deployed –



  • If specified when creating an Event, attendees can now register their own attendance and add notes


  • Fixed an issue where some custom fields would not displaying when viewing a persons record
  • The Date of Birth input on the People form no longer inserts incorrect slashes into dates

Submit Sections

  • Fixed an issue that prevented Custom Field values from being saved correctly through Submitting Sections


  • Fixed an issue where certain image files no longer result in an error when uploaded as banner or logo images



  • Invoices and Donation Requests can now be sent to and paid by users who do not have a login to the system.
  • Users who pay Invoices or Donations through GroopPay now get an email confirmation of their payment


  • The Edit User button is now hidden correctly when a user does not have permission
  • The loading indicator when uploading a Groop banner image now behaves correctly
  • Fixed an issue where viewing previously sent communications would not load



  • Added a new report to export all Registrations for a events within a given date period


  • Added a toggle to show/hide the payment options when creating an Event


  • The “0” can now be deleted in number/currency fields


Submit Sections

  • Fixed an issue where some custom fields would not complete when a user submits requested sections