December 2019 Updates

31st December 2019

Alexandra Bond

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Updates Deployed


  • Fixed an issue where event start and end dates were displaying one day out
  • Added ‘Trans’ to the list of available genders
  • Added additional African and Caribbean ethnicity options
  • Fixed an issue where an Admin could take themselves out of the Admin role and leave a Groop Admin-less
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the date of birth from being removed from a person record
  • Address validation now only requires an address type label and postcode
  • Increased the time users have to respond to field requests and invitations to 14 days
  • Fixed an issue where some users are unable to view Resources
  • Prevented users from editing email addresses of active accounts and locking themselves or others out of the system


  • Updated invitation emails to include the name of the Groop in the subject line to look more friendly and less spammy


  • Fixed an issue where communications to some email addresses were getting bounced without warning
  • Fixed an issue where users were receiving a blank email when being notified of a private post