April 2020 Updates

24th April 2020

Rob Summerfield

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Updates Deployed –


Mobile App

  • Fixed an issue where the password reset was not working correctly for some users



  • Archived users can now be included in the overview within the People table
  • Archived users can now be restored back too there original state
  • Fixed an issue where exported CSV file headers did not match the data in the file
  • Restored the “Submit Sections” button to the People table
  • Fixed an issue where Custom Fields would not be available when submitting sections to users


  • Fixed an issue where events would not save after labels were applied
  • Restored the “Registration” section to the Event editing options


  • Fixed an issue where CSV files exported from the Groops table have no file extension


New Feature – GroopLive

  • Users can now create Events which takes place as a GroopLive video conference. These video conferences take place on our secure servers and cannot be accessed by anyone outside the Groop

New Feature – Donations

  • In addition to Invoices, Donation Requests can now be issued to users. Similar to invoices, these are a request for an amount of money from the user, but if the user wishes they can pay more or less (above a minimum set by the Admin)


  • Events are now created through a more user-friendly ‘wizard’-style workflow, including a final overview page
  • Fixed an issue where event start and end times were displayed in a different time zone
  • Fixed an issue where in some circumstances Event Custom Fields were not saved correctly


  • We have updated our Password Policy to require new passwords meet the guidelines set out in Cyber Essentials. The guideline are a minimum of eight characters including upper and lower case letters and numbers or symbols. Existing users’ passwords will remain unchanged
  • The label picker has been updated with a drop down choice to provide a better user experience – making finding, selecting and viewing labels easier


Updates Deployed – 01/04/20


  • An event can now be updated if only the time had changed
  • Fixed an issue where events where being created in the wrong timezone after the change in daylight saving