Groop is supporting Councils and Charities with your immediate response to Covid-19 – to help organise, mobilise and communicate with staff, volunteers and communities.

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Driving participation in sport and recreation

Our Sports Management Software helps sports organisations build team spirit and retain membership.

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Why Groop?

Improve cohesion, measure the impact, achieve your vision

Groop allows you to engage and connect with members, safeguard data and measure your community impact in one platform.

We know the value of active communities and the positive impact sport and activity can have on building a stronger society. We’re here to help you manage your membership, grow your team and activity levels to achieve your vision.

Our sports management platform has been designed specifically to encourage people to connect, stay active and build relationships.

Groop saves you time, allowing you to focus on what’s important: making a difference to communities.

Securing data with Groop

GDPR and data safeguarding

All data is stored in our UK sovereign cloud storage. Guaranteeing the safety of all personal data.

Groop saves time

Impact reporting

View overarching key performance indicators and statistics across all communities. in real-time.

Instant Groop Reporting

Track and report funding

Demonstrate allocation, spend and results in one place.

Groop is a trusted platform


We provide a library of downloadable Quality Assured forms and policies. Ensuring your communities stay compliant.

The Community Feel of Groop

Centralised communications

Engage with your network in real time within Groop’s online forums. Arrange, manage and run activities with ease.

Instant Groop Reporting

Payment management

Control subscriptions, arrange paid events and collect membership payments, all in one place.

Sport bodies who love Groop

Ballycastle Tennis Club - Groop members

It’s very flexible; I can add on fundamental elements and I’m impressed with how I can use the functionality (such as Groups and Tags) to manage the membership data in a way that suits our needs.”

Niki Heverin | Ballycastle Tennis Club

sport activities for Groop blog

We are very excited to be able to offer Groop as a solution to some of our clubs: it will enable us to support more of our members than we are able to at the moment and we know that they are in good hands.”

Kathryn Berry | Head of Sported Network Services

Sport bodies we've Grooped

Groop supports sport and recreation organisations

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