Your Private Data Stays Private at Groop

13th March 2019

Rob Summerfield

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Security is a growing concern and with the advances in data technologies, storage and communication, the need for data security is more important than it has ever been.

With the popularity of online communication through our devices, email and social platforms, can you be confident that your information floating around the web is safe?

At Groop, our ethos is…

“Your data is precious.”

It sounds simple, but in today’s data hungry climate we respect and understand its importance.

We’re dedicated to spreading community spirit, not data

We don’t use targeted marketing or third-party advertising on our platform. This is not what we are about.

We are here to help strengthen, secure and connect groups for a greater society. Ensuring everyone belongs and is inspired to take part; embracing life’s opportunities.

The increase of compliance requirements and growing awareness by you, the public, means we are experiencing a high demand for secure club, group and community management tools.

How do we guarantee data security?

Our platform is hosted by UKCloud – a highly secure, UK sovereign cloud storage service, accredited with all appropriate ISO accreditations, including ISO 27001. They’re trusted by the UK Government for HMRC, Home Office and the NHS.

Don’t be afraid to ask how your data is stored

Do you feel secure in the knowledge your personal information is stored in a little black book in someone’s office?

How about in an unprotected Excel file on a desktop of an outdated computer?

Your data is yours. It belongs to you.

We all have the right to use our own data, show our data, hide our data and delete our data.

Why not ask your club how they store their data? Is it safe? Can they prove it? We can.

This blog was written by:

Written by Rob Summerfield