Meet the Team: Sam Clark, Partnership Development

12th September 2019


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What’s your role at Groop?   

I am responsible for Partnership Development; I reach out to organisations, build relationships and find out if Groop can support them and their community activities.


What does a typical day look like?

You’ll find me on the phone speaking to clients or potential clients, setting up meetings or running product online demonstrations.

During breaks I stroll around the beautiful Hartham Park estate to get some air and stretch my legs and mind. Every day I’m learning and laughing with my superb colleagues.


What’s your background?

I studied Radio Production at the University of Gloucestershire, which transformed me from introvert to extrovert and ultimately made me a ‘people person’.

Following my studies, I worked in the retail and estate agency sector where I discovered I have an interest in speaking and connecting with customers, taking the time to learn more about them and their needs, and subsequently give them a solution.


What skills do you need for your job?

Patience, positivity and an ability to listen.

Research is a crucial part of the job, obtaining relevant information about the organisation enables me to match our product with their needs.

Asking questions is key – taking the time and interest to listen to a person goes a long way. It shows you care, which ultimately, is what Groop is all about.


What do you enjoy most about your job?

Hands down it’s the people. I’ve never worked somewhere where all the colleagues are so welcoming, helpful and supportive – they’re all big characters.

What makes them special is that they all share a common goal; to make a difference and help people make the most of what they are doing, which is refreshing to say the least. Every individual has a part to play and when united the Groop team are the definition of happiness.


How do you spend your spare time?  (What volunteering do you do outside work?)

Recently my partner and I have adopted a beautiful border collie bleu merle puppy called Flynn. This means a lot of my spare time is spent training him, taking him to obedience classes, and for lots of long country walks, which is lush!

I’m also an avid cinema goer, music lover and tennis player.

In terms of volunteering, I’ve helped my old primary school with their after-school club brilliantly called ‘Rascals.’ My role was to help the staff run a variety of sports and games for the children and serve refreshments at break time.

When I was at University, I was on the hospital radio team. A big part of the show was the music and I loved hearing the music requests from the patients. We visited their wards, said hello and built relationships, which was really rewarding and made a difference to their recovery. Most of the time the music they nominated was really good!


Any recommendations to share?

Be kind to people, you don’t know where you’ll end up in life and you don’t know who you’ll encounter – treat others as you wish to be treated!

Also, if you haven’t seen the film, ‘The King’s Speech’ starring Colin Firth I wholeheartedly recommend doing so – it’s a true historical story, funny, emotional and overall magnificent.