March 2020 Updates

16th March 2020

Rob Summerfield

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Updates Deployed – 20/03/20


  • Toggle switches now contain On and Off text to make them more accessible
  • Fixed a bug where the Groop Select menu incorrectly displayed on small (mobile) screens

Updates Deployed – 16/03/20


  • Select All now selects the current page within a table, subsequent pages can then be added by navigating to the required page and pressing Select All
  • A file which has been uploaded to a custom field can now be deleted



  • The Dashboard buttons which display numbers now link to the appropriate page
  • The banner at the top of GroopChat and the Dashboard now displays the number of Active Users (Users that are able to login to the group)

Groop Details

Mobile App

Version 1.1.2 of the mobile app was released for both iOS and Android– click here for our Knowledge Base article
  • Speeded up loading of Chat messages and comments
  • Fixed a bug where notifications did not link to the correct location