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18th August 2017


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I have become a little paranoid these days as to whether I can trust websites that I’m purchasing from.  I look at these apparently legitimate sites and wonder if they are real as I hear of people conned into buying fake holidays or passports, insurance or products and services.

That’s why we have decided to help clubs and groups further and offer added services to partners whose services we have either used ourselves (eg. DBS checks) or know of others who use them (e.g. Club insurance).

As a result we now can offer Online DBS checking for all our members and non-members!

We are delighted to announce our partnership with uCheck to make your HR checking processes much simpler.  uCheck is a well-established and trusted DBS umbrella body and they offer a range of vetting and screening solutions to more than 18,500 employers in the UK.  They also offer Basic Disclosures, Right to Work, DVLA, Adverse Credit and ID Checks. Using Groop means you benefit from a reduced one-off registration fee of £12 (usually £23.94). Total cost of screening checks are all on our DBS Checks page on the Groop website.

We are also currently negotiating to provide you with discounted club insurance as well – so if you are waiting to renew your insurance or looking at options please get in touch and we will soon be able to get you a great deal!

It is important to our team that we can offer Groop as a one stop shop for all your Club in a Cloud services.  We want to save you time and effort in surfing the net looking at the hundreds of offers and wondering which ones are real or not!

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